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Corporate manslaughter liability in the spotlight

Van operators running individual vehicles or small fleets need to be aware of legislation that holds them responsible for the working condition of their vehicles, according to the UK’s

Corporate Manslaughter
In a that poll the website undertook at this year’s Commercial Vehicle Show, 82 per cent of those questioned were unaware of corporate manslaughter legislation.

The law asserts that if a staff member driving a company van is involved in a collision resulting in death or serious injury to themselves or a third party, the operator could be found liable, especially if the vehicle is defective.

Operators should be aware that older vans showing signs of structural corrosion, defective lighting, brakes or steering components, could all contribute to a major road traffic accident for which they are liable.

HYPERLINK “” Managing Director Kevin Gregory said, “Illegal, badly maintained vans are a peril to other road users, and many owners are not only unaware of the faults on some of their fleet vehicles, but also of their personal liability if something does go horribly wrong.”

The Institute of Car Fleet Management (ICFM) hosted a ‘Knowledge Zone’ at the DRIVEit LCV show earlier this month at the Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground in Leicestershire.

It helped van operators, whether large fleets, hire companies or smaller operators such as plumbers, electricians and builders, to better understand the responsibilities they have towards any member of staff who drives a company vehicle.