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Continental announces voluntary exchange programme for truck tyres

Continental has embarked on a voluntary tyre exchange programme for approximately 12,000 truck tyres. The tyre in question is a 205/75R17.5 Conti Hybrid LS3, produced from calendar week 27 in 2014 to calendar week 26 in 2015.

The product was mainly sold to original equipment manufacturers in Europe and – to a lesser degree – into the replacement market.

As market feedback indicates, in a few exceptional cases, the product showed sudden pressure loss before being put into service. No personal injuries or accidents were reported. Due to the potential risk that another few similar cases may occur in the market, Continental decided to exchange the product. The respective Conti Hybrid steer tyre of size 205/75R17.5 shows the DOT serial numbers HW96 F7T9 2714 to 2615. Customers can identify the tyres by this lettering on the side wall.

Continental notified the responsible national authorities of the details of the voluntary tyre exchange. The company is in close communication with the respective original equipment customers as well as with its tyre distributors and dealers to identify replacement customers who purchased potentially affected tyres. Owners will be promptly notified and informed about the details of the voluntary program. Replacement tyres and their installation are free of charge for the customer.

Consumers seeking more information, including instructions for identifying affected tyres as well as obtaining replacement tyres, are asked to visit Continental’s web-site at for more details.