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Volvo Trucks launches positioning service for time-critical transports

With Volvo Trucks’ new service it is possible to monitor the truck’s location in real time. The service is of particular benefit for instance to customers who operate time-critical transports or who haul high-value goods.

Volvo__Arriving in time is important in all transport operations, but for time-critical transports it can be a crucial key to retaining a haulage contract. With Volvo Trucks’ new positioning service, Positioning+, it is possible to track the vehicle’s geographic location, minute by minute. It’s a facility that creates the necessary prerequisites for more efficient logistics.

“One good example is the concrete industry. Timing is everything – down to the very minute the truck must roll up to take delivery of its load of concrete. When mixing concrete, the mixture is individually adjusted to match the time needed for loading and the time needed for delivery and casting. With Positioning+ it is possible to precisely determine when the truck will arrive and to prepare the concrete blend accordingly,” says Johan Östberg, Product Specialist at Volvo Trucks.

Apart from the real-time positioning feature this service makes it possible to define a geographic area, a route or an entire country and receive messages every time a truck passes through these defined areas. This is particularly useful in warehousing operations, where staff need to know when a truck arrives and when it leaves so they can carry out follow-on activities. For certain types of transport the positioning service also offers additional benefits.

“If a truck deviates from its route, the system issues an alert. This creates a safer, more secure working environment for drivers hauling high-value goods,” explains Johan Östberg.