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PCL’s new Flexi Connectors protect valves from heavy hands

PCL has made a valuable new addition to its trusty “Made in Sheffield” portfolio with the addition of Flexi Connectors for valves on Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS).


This new piece of kit provides an excellent alternative to a solid arm connector, especially for Direct TPMS (wheel mounted valve with solid valve stem) whose numbers are increasing worldwide.

Whilst current PCL connectors are still more than adequate for traditional flexible tyre valves, tests show that with a long arm connector (CO1/CO3) a force of 90N causes failure, and with a short arm connector (CO5) a force of 130N is required to break Direct TPMS valves, which are notorious for having no give, unlike current valves.

PCL’s new Flexi Connectors have a flexible rather than a solid arm, which allows them to flex and bend when pushed hard on to a tyre valve. This eliminates the risk of snapping the TPMS valve, which can easily happen by being a little heavy-handed or clumsy.


This also means they are excellent for accessing Motorcycle valves which can be obstructed by their large brake discs.

TPMS valves are expensive to replace and a repair kit alone can set you back around £50 for the stems, valves, seals, dust caps and suitable collared nuts. Meanwhile a replacement sensor valve can cost between £45 and £150 for a single unit.

TPMS is used to constantly monitor tyre pressures using tyre sensors in all four tyres, and provides the driver with a warning if the pressure or temperature changes. This is vital to safety as it lowers the risk of accidents related to inaccurate tyre pressure, such as blow outs. It also saves money by increasing tyre life and reducing fuel usage.

All new vehicles with TPMS registered after 1st January 2013 must have the TPMS system inspected in their MOT. So keeping sensor valves intact is essential not only in terms of cost, but also for safety and keeping your car on the road, since a faulty valve can result in an accident or failed MOT.

For a small outlay a PCL says that it’s Flexi Connectors are a handy piece of equipment that could save you a fortune in the long run.