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New Meyle CV stabiliser repair kit to fit Mercedes-Benz Actros models

Stabiliser assemblies on commercial vehicles are particularly vulnerable to wear owing to the truck’s high overall weight.

Normal vibration resulting from road imperfections is magnified under the vehicle load, thus causing the bearings to wear out prematurely. As a consequence, these parts require frequent replacement. To help workshops offer time-effective repairs, Wulf Gaertner Autoparts AG offers full-service stabiliser repair kits for the Mercedes-Benz Actros.


Featuring some 20 components the new repair-friendly Meyle kit includes a full set of bushings along with all the required components for professional assembly. Having the requisite parts readily at hand, workshops are able to perform CV stabiliser repairs on the spot, sparing them the cumbersome procedure of ordering the necessary parts separately. The result: Repair professionals benefit from significant cost and time savings.

The Meyle stabiliser repair kit is available for Mercedes-Benz Actros models under the Meyle references 034 032 0094/S and 034 032 0095/S, or 034 032 0102/S and 034 032 0096/S respectively.

Contact Strongline Autoparts Limited on (01) 462 4631 for further details.