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Hankook expands winter tyre line up

Hankook-Smart-Control-DW07Premium tyre maker Hankook has expanded its winter tyre line-up for trucks, with a new snow specialist. The Hankook SmartControl DW07 is developed with a focus on extreme winter conditions in European long-haul and distribution transport. The new winter tyre pattern for the drive axle is already available in the three main sizes 315/80 R22.5, 315/70 R22.5, 295/80 R22.5 with additional sizes to follow.

To avoid expensive downtime and to arrive at destinations safely, drivers and fleets must be equipped adequately to also deal with harsh winter conditions. In addition to high mileage, optimal snow traction is a main requirement of winter tyres in the long-haul and distribution transportation business. The SmartControl DW07’s tread design and compound have been optimised and designed to meet the requirements of demanding winter conditions, particularly when travelling in areas like Northern Europe or the Alpine region.

Also the tread pattern of the SmartControl DW07 is designed around the focus of snow performance and safety on wintery streets. An 8% wider tread has been applied to Hankook’s new winter specialist, which increases the contact area between tyre and ground for improving grip and handling characteristics. In addition, the tread design with five main drainage grooves provides extra hydroplaning safety. The tyre’s closely set 3D winter sipes applied to the tread, perform two important tasks – firstly, they allow for even wear of the tread surface, resulting in high mileage. This effect is reinforced by the shock absorbing arrangement of the tread blocks.

Secondly, in combination with the unique half-open shoulder design of the SmartControl DW07, the sipes generate improved tyre traction on ice and snow covered streets. Both braking and traction performance are also supported by the jagged finish of the tyre’s tread blocks which allow for excellent interlocking of the tyre with the road surface.

Innovative technologies make the SmartControl DW07 particularly efficient. A specially developed compound mixture has been applied to Hankook’s new winter specialist. Optimised for harsh winter conditions, it remains resilient in cold temperatures and makes the tyre particularly resistant to cold, also making a high braking performance possible even at very low temperatures. Hankook’s trusted Stiffness Control Contour Technology (SCCT) is also used for this winter truck tyre. The technology allows for an even distribution of the pressure in the tyres to minimise the deformation of the carcass tread. This not only increases the longevity of the tyres but also improves their retreadability.