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Get the Dayco code

Dayco-QR-code-copyFollowing a coordinated plan to communicate with those important professionals installing its high quality products, Dayco, the world’s largest timing belt manufacturer, is using the latest technology as the means to provide them with the information they need, including QR codes.
Naturally, with a product group as critical to the health of the engine as power transmission, the quality of the components is paramount, which is a given with Dayco, as there is no distinction between the products it manufactures for original equipment (OE) or aftermarket supply.
However, alongside this quality assurance Dayco is also committed to empower technicians with practical and helpful information to help make the sometimes complicated process of installing its replacement components as straightforward and trouble free as possible.
Generally this information is supplied via its technical bulletin information, which, as the use of smartphones and tablets is becoming evermore commonplace, is now available through a QR code on the relevant Dayco product packaging.
Every Dayco timing belt kit that has been subject to a change to its components or needs specific fitting instructions, is issued with a technical bulletin, so in order to minimise installation problems, this information is accessible through the QR Code. With this access, technicians can easily find the details that highlight the specific fitting challenge and explains the correct installation process.
Even more technical information is available through the garage area of the website and Dayco recommend that workshops sign up to which is a free service and where they can find, among other resources, technical information specific to vehicle applications, general product focused service information, drive system layouts and Dayco’s electronic catalogue. Those that sign up will then also receive email updates when any new technical information is issued and for new-to-range additions.
For more information regarding the OEM quality power transmission products in the Dayco range, please email: or visit: