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Motaquip adds to range of filters

Motaquip, the all makes brand, represented in Ireland by Premco has added to its range of filters for the aftermarket.

The Motaquip brand founded by Peugeot Motor Company has a longstanding 34 year pedigree within OEM and aftermarket sectors for distributing quality product and high levels of service through its select customer network.

Premco Distributors Ltd services the Irish market with Motaquip product from its distribution facility located in Rathcoole Co. Dublin, distributing the comprehensive “All Makes” Motaquip programme to distributors across Ireland.

“With Motaquip filters we ensure that internal and performance characteristics are checked and approved in addition to the basic dimensional checks that some other suppliers seem to rely upon. Seals are correctly manufactured with the appropriate materials, ensuring that they do not perish prematurely and seal effectively for the lifetime of the filter. We also use the correct by-pass valves for an application meaning that they operate at the correct pressures and seal proficiently, restricting unfiltered oil from passing back into the engine.”

He added: “From a customer perspective, what’s the point of buying the correct engine oil for a vehicle if you are also fitting an inadequate oil filter that does not perform as required and could potentially cause catastrophic damage to a vehicle?”

Latest and upcoming additions to the range include Cabin Filter LVCF570, fitted to 2014 Opel Adam, Corsa, Oil Filter LVFL821, fitted to 2015 BMW 2 Series, Mini and Air Filter LVFA1570 which is fitted in the 2014 onward Nissan Qashqai, all of which should be key items to stock for any motor factor.