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Easy Balance – the safe choice says Techplus

Tyre manufacturers have been hesitant to accept internal balancing compounds in commercial tyres, due to the perceived risk of damaging the inner liner or causing leakage at the valve core or tyre bead.

As the only brand on the market to be tested and approved by the renowned DEKRA organisation, Easy Balance is the safe choice. On the market since 1994, manufactured in Sweden and sold worldwide, it is Europe’s No.1 tyre balancing compound.

The tyre industry has grown to accept that internal balancing compounds or beads do work, and provide a convenient and time saving solution for the balancing of commercial tyres.
Tyre manufacturers have however questioned whether they can damage the tyre’s sensitive inner liner, or cause leakage at the bead or valve core. During its development, Easy Balance was extensively field tested to ensure none of these problems would occur, and to verify this it has been independently tested with the highly respected DEKRA testing organisation.

”We are very proud to be able to display the DEKRA Seal on our packaging, to give our customers complete confidence that they can rely on Easy Balance to optimise tyre balance without compromising safety!”, says Mark McCullough, Export Marketing Manager. “This becomes especially important should a tyre warranty claim occur. We have seen from tyre manufacturers that DEKRA’s approval is a decisive factor, and that warranty claims can be rejected out of hand without it.”

“Long term independent tests have shown that Easy Balance saves up to 33 per cent wear on commercial tyres! In today’s highly competitive market where fleets strive for savings in the order of tenths of a per cent, this gives retailers the opportunity to offer a significant saving.”

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