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DAF Transport Efficiency on show at FPS Expo in Harrogate

Hazardous goods operators will be delighted to see DAF Trucks focusing on operating costs at this year’s FPS Expo in Harrogate. Along side productivity, vehicle safety remains a priority, for both the driver and other road users. Accordingly, DAF’s recently launched ‘DAF Transport Efficiency’ programme includes a wealth of new product features and services that satisfy these two key operating criteria.


The new DAF 18- tonne Euro-6 LF 220 FA chassis. Dubbed by Calor Gas as its ‘Minibulk’ chassis, the LF is bodied with a 17,000-litre LPG pressure vessel.

DAF-Eco-ModeProduct developments and enhancements include: Eco Mode as standard, Silent Mode (on
CF & XF Silent models), Predictive Cruise Control, Predictive Shifting, Advanced Emergency
Braking System, Lane Departure Warning System, MX Engine Brake and Driver Performance Assistant.

For petroleum suppliers and haz. chem. operators, DAF offers its market – leading LF range from 7.5- to 18-tonne GVW. The FPS Expo sees DAF Trucks in attendance with an 18 tonne
LF220 FA complete with Gardner Denver discharge equipment.

Confirmation of the LF’s popularity in this light-to-middleweight sector comes from the UK’s
leading LPG supplier, Calor Gas, having taken delivery of the first of 20 new 18- tonne Euro
– 6 LF 220 FA chassis. Dubbed by Calor Gas as its ‘Minibulk’ chassis, the LF is bodied with a
17,000-litre LPG pressure vessel by Lakeland Tankers, offering Calor Gas a significant 500kg weight advantage over competitor chassis.

Importantly, the new DAF / Lakeland Tankers ‘Minibulk’ specification is the first in the UK to
receive Whole Vehicle Type Approval through the Individual Vehicle Approval process.
Equipment also includes LPG pumping and metering equipment, and a wealth of interlocks and other safety devices, combining to offer an impressive unladen weight of 9,750kg.

Moving up the weight range, DAF’s CF line-up is ideally suited to 26- and 32-tonne GVW work; a range of three-and four-axle rigids including double-drive and rear-steer-models remain hugely popular in this market. For bulk fuel distribution the new DAF CF FTP 6×2 tractor offers excellent payload potential while at the same time providing ample chassis flexibility to accommodate discharge equipment and other ancillaries.

All models can be ordered to meet ADR requirements and be prepared for Safe Loading
Pass with chassis packaging to suit fitment of a wide range of tanker and discharge equipment.