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WheelRight to showcase tyre pressure checking technology at CV Show

WheelRight is set to showcase its unique tyre pressure and weigh-in-motion (WiM) measurement technology for the first time at the 2015 CV Show (14-16 April, NEC Birmingham) in a world-first exhibition of its single system instrument.

CV2015TruckThe WheelRight system, which measures tyre pressure, vehicle weight and load distribution simultaneously, has received National Measurement Office (NMO) accreditation to the globally recognised WiM standard OIL R134. Understood to be the first time that a combined WiM and tyre pressure monitoring instrument has gained accreditation, this certification provides users with independent verification of the product’s consistent performance.

The WheelRight system comprises vehicle recognition, using ANPR, a sophisticated reporting software package and a set of instruments embedded into the road surface at the point where vehicles leave or enter a depot. Once fitted the system is immediately available to all registered vehicles. Critically, no equipment is fitted to the vehicles. Within seconds of driving over the system, results are automatically emailed or texted to the depot.

It is current best industry practice to check tyre pressures every four to six weeks, now this can be improved with daily checks. The WheelRight system presents CV operators with a simple solution for improving vehicle safety and cutting costs by adopting daily tyre pressure checks. This revolutionary new approach raises the bar and delivers a new industry best practice for tyre pressure monitoring. The technology ensures that operators are able to guarantee correct tyre pressures and loading, before vehicles leave the depot and gives them the capacity to check the fleet at any time, day or night.

In embracing the benefits of auto-reporting, operators have the opportunity to streamline vehicle safety improvements across their fleets, in addition to significant cost-cutting benefits in fuel usage reduction and tyre life extension.

WheelRight chief executive John Catling said: “The challenge for the industry is to adopt as best practice daily tyre pressure checks. Operators now have the chance to select cutting-edge technology that instantly provides accurate and robust data, allowing them to check their tyre pressures each day, rather than relying on the industry standard of four to six-week checks.”

“The core benefit for operators is the greater flexibility it provides them to instantly check tyre pressures, vehicle weight and distribution simultaneously with a single system. This will help the CV industry to save time and costs in lengthy checks and to make substantial improvements in vehicle safety.”