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TelliSys presents a transport concept with ultra-low floor

With a vision of further increasing intermodal container transportation efficiency, TelliSys has presented a prototype of a tractor-semi-trailer-combination with an ultra-low fifth-wheel position that leads to 20 per cent more cargo volume.

Significant savings in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions per ton/kmare are therefore possible within intermodal container transportation.

TelliSys is a partnership between the IMA of the RWTH Aachen University, the European Intermodal Association, DAF, GEFCO, Goodyear, WECON and WESOB and aims to make possible the transport of containers with an internal height of 3 meters. As a result, 3 so-called ‘metre-trays ‘ can be stacked in a container, so that load volumes up to 100 m3 can be realised.

Within the TelliSys consortium, DAF has developed a Super Low-Deck tractor. By lowering the chassis behind the engine and by the use of a very compact rear wheel suspension in combination with 22.5″ wheels on the driven axle, a fifth wheel height of only 85 cm is achieved. In addition, the special Low-Deck tractor has a lightweight 4.0-tonne trailing axle with 17.5″ wheels to achieve a GVW of 44 tonnes. For the project Goodyear has developed special new low profile tyres for the steered and driven axles. These tyres are characterised by a very low height with high load capacities.

Elaborating on the DAF Super Low-Deck tractor’s fifth wheel height of only 85 cm, WECON developed a special lightweight trailer of just 3,830 kg. Just as important is the development of a new generation of 40 and 45 foot containers, of which the floor is considerably thinner while maintaining load-bearing capacity and torsional stiffness. On the prototype, WECON has fitted a folding curtain to underline the versatility of the TelliSys Intermodal Technology Concept.

Obviously, in the development of the concept truck not only dimensions and load capacities have been taken into account, but full attention was also given to maneuverability, comfort and operational effectiveness. The TelliSys combination will now start an extensive field test with logistics partner GEFCO, in which truck, trailer and container will be used intensively within its intermodal transport operations by road, rail and water.