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New filters and DPF cleaners from Donaldson

Filtration specialist and manufacturer Donaldson will demonstrate its latest generation of engine fuel and lube cartridge filters at the CV Show in Birmingham next month.

Manufactured using superior direct-bonding technology and metal-free construction, the filters provide an eco-friendly approach that allows for crushing and/or incineration, depending upon local preferences.

The filters also feature Synteq media technology, which uses cellulose and melt-blown synthetic layers to achieve high levels of filtration performance. This dual-layered material has increased particulate holding capacity and is a high performance water separator.

When used in fuel filter applications, Synteq provides high efficiency emulsified water separation and can be used in both suction and pressure sides of fuel systems.

It will also exhibit its second generation Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) pulse cleaner, which is certified for use across Europe. DPF systems often require specialist mainteĀ­nance, including annual cleaning to dislodge ash build-up and unburned soot.

Donaldsonā€™s DPF pulse cleaner has been on sale in the US for several years, and has a proven track record. It has now been modified to meet European Standards.

The cleaner uses a high-volume, low-pressure pulse to dislodge unburned soot and ash from the DPF. It then captures the byproduct in a disposable receptacle and prevents contaminant from escaping during operation.