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Largest annual heavy truck show next weekend

The Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS) is the largest annual heavy-duty trucking industry event in the world.

logo-4Held each year at the Kentucky Expo Center in Louisville, KY, the show attracts 70,000+ attendees and 1,000+ exhibitors from throughout the United States and abroad.

No other show offers more under one roof than the annual Mid-America Trucking Show. We have selected for you a few of the many innovations being highlighted at MATS later this week.

Some of the Showcase Products at MATS 2015

BorgWarner Inc.
Technology for the long haul


Technologies that provide better fuel economy, reduced emissions and great performance – BorgWarner says that it makes them possible.

As a leading automotive supplier, BorgWarner develop innovative powertrain solutions.

Their products can be found in efficient petrol, clean diesel, hybrid and pure electric vehicles as well as in commercial and on/off-highway applications.

Through our ongoing commitment to innovation, BorgWarner delivers environmentally-friendly solutions that improve driving comfort, performance and reliability.


… Because You Could Lose More Than A Wheel

Wheel-Checks are a loose wheel-nut indicator that can identify a loose wheel nut with a simple visual inspection. When the wheel nuts are properly torqued to specs, the Wheel-Checks are then placed on the wheel nuts in a uniformed pattern.

Screen shot 2015-03-23 at 12.05.31

Once a wheel-nut has loosened, the Wheel-Check® will become out of sequence. It will be visible when the driver does his walk around check and it is the driver’s responsibility to call maintenance and have the wheel thoroughly serviced.

Wheel-Checks are also heat sensitive. If there is a binding brake or seized bearing, the heat is transferred through the stud and nut. If this temperature exceeds 120º C (248º F), the Wheel-Check® will start to blister around the circumference and eventually start to distort.

The driver will be required to go to maintenance and have a thorough assessment on the problem wheel.

Wipe New LLC
Wipe Your Truck New for Less Than a Tank of Fuel!

Screen shot 2015-03-23 at 12.05.44

Your truck and fleet are a reflection of you and your company. How do you look?

Now a company called Wipe New says that it is possible to restore the appearance of your trucks to like new condition and keep them that way for less than ever before!

Wipe New Professional is a revolutionary wipe-on nano-polymer coating that will restore your trucks’ exterior surfaces to new condition, at a fraction of the time and cost of a repaint or buffing.

There is no special equipment required or technique to master. Anyone that can wash a truck can now restore the finish to new for less than the cost of a tank of fuel, and return the vehicle to work in a day’s time.

More importantly, it says that the durability of our nano-polymer formula will keep the new look for years!


BVA-460Auto Meter Products,
BVA-460 Heavy Duty Battery, Charging, & Starting Analyzer

Auto Meter Products’ newest addition to their industry leading test equipment is the BVA-460.

This touchscreen wireless tablet solution features true load testing with integrated temperature sensor that completes full battery, starting, and charging system PM process in under two minutes.

The separable touchscreen tablet maximizes operator/technician productivity and efficiency.

This wifi-enabled solution can also email individual test results and works seamlessly with Auto Meter’s AMPNET online portal to track testing history, tool usage, and retrieve fleet maintenance records.

Fast, easy, accurate results.


Agility Fuel Systems
Natural Gas Fuel System Solutions

Natural gas in the United States continues to gain momentum with ever-increasing political and consumer interest.


Agility is one step ahead, building safe, proven fuel systems that are reliable, cost effective and environmentally friendly to OEM partners and fleets in the transportation industry.

They specialize in providing heavy-duty truck, mass-transit, refuse vehicles, and more with advanced compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas fuel systems. In some cases, a company operating a fleet of heavy vehicles running on natural gas can expect to save as much as 50 per cent on fuel costs.

Trucks and buses fueled by natural gas can be less costly to maintain. And, with global oil price increases underway again and possible world crises that threaten supply, the economic advantages of natural gas are compelling.

Agility says it can shift business to clean and affordable natural gas.


KEITH Mfg. Co.
Versatility provides Walking Floor® Unloaders

Screen shot 2015-03-23 at 12.06.16

The horizontal unloading action of a Keith Walking Floor® system eliminates many of the hazards of other self-unloading systems.

Trailers equipped with a Keith Walking Floor system can safely unload on uneven ground, inside buildings/structures, and are capable of providing a “controlled” discharge rate of material when needed.

Overhead power cables, tunnels or trees won’t limit your unloading options. A Keith Walking Floor equipped trailer is capable of unloading where product is needed at the time, and in multiple locations.

The Keith Walking Floor system is capable of handling a variety of bulk materials, from your most abrasive sand and aggregate products to light weight products such as recycled plastic and paper.


RoadWorks Manufacturing
Custom and Replacement Stainless Steel Accessories

Screen shot 2015-03-23 at 12.06.28

Making heads turn when you drive by since 1994. RoadWorks designs and manufactures stainless steel aftermarket accessories.

These including visors, bumpers, rear light bars, tool & battery boxes, cab & sleeper panels, hub covers, deck plates and much more in their plant in Lafayette, Indiana U.S.A.

To keep you looking good RoadWorks produces Mojo Detail Products, including Mojo Metal Polish & Sealant, Mojo Single Use Wipes, Mojo Paint Protectant, and Mojo Spray Detailer.

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