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Mercedes-Benz brings Fuel Duel Challenge to Ireland

Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles division has embarked on a series of Fuel Duel Challenges the aim of which is to demonstrate the fuel-saving capabilities of their latest Actros with Euro V1 engine.

Similar to those conducted in other countries across Europe, each Fuel Duel Challenge is being undertaken in cooperation with leading heavy commercials fleet owners.

Under the scheme, an Actros becomes part of the customer’s fleet and is driven by the customer’s driver for periods of two to three weeks duration.

During that time, fuel usage, driving style and other factors having a bearing on fuel consumption are closely monitored and measured by Mercedes-Benz’s own Fleetboard system.

Said by their Commercial Vehicles Sales Manager, Fergus Conheady to be a programme that “will run throughout 2015 during which time we hope to complete twenty or more tests”, it is expected that the results which will be achieved in Ireland will mirror those in other markets.

In tests conducted elsewhere, Actros was proven to be more fuel efficient in some 97% of cases. “Of 814 duels carried out in 16 countries covering a combined distance of 4.1million kilometers, Actros delivered an average 10.9% fuel advantage” Mr. Conheady said.