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Make the most with Magnum

The owners of commercial vehicles understand the value of properly functioning shock absorbers. Not only do they help keep the driver, vehicle and cargo safe, but they also protect the owner’s investment in tyres and other expensive components.


In fact, replacing axle shocks is a great idea anytime the tyres are replaced, with this comparatively small investment in new ride control units providing huge benefits in helping protect the new tyres.

Tenneco’s Monroe® brand is a premier source of OE-quality ride control components for the CV market, with a full range of Monroe Magnum axle shocks for trucks, trailers, bus and agricultural equipment, as well as Magnum cabin shocks and seat dampers.
The Monroe brand also offers world-class Monroe Van-Magnum shock absorbers for a broad range of commercial vans and LCV applications.

“Selling the value of ride control replacement is often much easier in the commercial vehicle category because customers are focused on keeping their vehicles in service and preventing damage to other components,” said Alex Gelbcke, vice president and general manager, Tenneco Aftermarket Europe. “As a leading global OE shock manufacturer, Tenneco and the Monroe® brand are uniquely qualified to provide superior ride control solutions for virtually any commercial vehicle.”