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Haulage operator reduces idling with Trakm8 ecoN

A UK haulier has reduced idling across its fleet by 68 per cent using Trakm8’s fuel saving solution.

TRaakm8 ecoN Fuel saving solutionJohn Jempsons & Son have been in the haulage industry for over 100 years and run a fleet of over 70 vehicles and 130 trailers. They have implemented Trakm8’s fuel saving solution, Trakm8 ecoN across their entire fleet with the aim of reducing fuel costs and increasing driving efficiency, they have successfully reduced their idling by 68% in just a 15 week period.

Trakm8 ecoN monitors driving behaviour and provides real time feedback to the driver via an in-cab lightbar. Key information about the fleet and drivers are displayed within the Fleet Management Reports via the online portal. As well as uneconomical driving styles such as excessive speeding and harsh braking, there are other practices which can cause increases in fuel costs and accelerate wear and tear, such as idling. John Jempsons & Son realised this and targeted their improvement incentives to reduce their overall fleet idling rate.

Trakm8Thanks to the Trakm8 ecoN real time driver feedback display, vehicle activity reports and a driver incentive programme, John Jempsons & Son achieved a 68% reduction in just 15 weeks.
Mark Chamberlain, Managing Director at John Jempsons & Son comments, “With
our fleet expanding and running costs increasing it was important that we started to look at ways to reduce expenditure where we could. Trakm8 ecoN provides us with the perfect solution to both monitor our fleet’s activity and give the drivers real time feedback on their driving style. The information accessible via the Trakm8 web portal also gives us the opportunity to run an incentive scheme to encourage our drivers to improve their driving style further.”

Trakm8’s Executive Chairman, John Watkins comments “Our Trakm8 ecoN solution is the perfect tool to use if you are looking at reducing your fleets running costs. John Jempsons & Son have taken advantage of the many features and have encouraged economical driving practices among the fleet which has helped to achieve great results.”