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Fuels distributors adopts Michelin tyre policy

UK fuel distributor, Tincknell Fuels has adopted a full Michelin tyre policy and is benefiting from increased levels of on the road safety.

The family-owned company, which has just celebrated its 60th anniversary, is fitting Michelin X MultiWay 3D tyres across its 30-strong truck fleet, helping to boost fleet uptime and ensure the firm can carry out deliveries no matter what road conditions or weather they encounter. The business has built a reputation for safety and reliability, and senior managers are confident the move to Michelin tyres will help them maintain it.


Michael Brown, Transport Manager for Tincknell Fuels, explains: “Safety is the number one concern for our truck fleet. We maintain our vehicles meticulously and, as the only part of the vehicle in contact with the road’s surface, we need to be able to rely on the rubber we fit.”
Michelin has supported the customer’s decision to roll out a Michelin policy with dedicated on-site tyre safety training for Tincknell Fuels’ drivers. Staff from Michelin’s technical and account management teams provided dedicated on-site training which covered all aspects of the tyres’ construction, as well as highlighting the responsibilities of the driver – including how to carry out tyre safety inspections as part of the daily walk-around vehicle checks.

Brown says: “We place a great deal of trust in our drivers and Michelin’s ability to provide top quality training has added real value. With some suppliers you buy their tyres and that’s it – with Michelin, it opens up access to a wealth of technical and account management support.”
Tincknell Fuels delivers heating oil to homes and businesses across the south west; often these addresses will have restricted access for large commercial vehicles. The company’s tyres therefore need to be able to handle unsurfaced rural tracks and have excellent resistance to scrubbing, as well as provide outstanding traction on the tarmac.

Brown continues: “Come rain or shine we will deliver when our customers need us to, so we must select tyres which can perform year-round. This is especially important as fuel demand is greatest in the harsh winter months, when we can encounter ice and snow-covered roads. Unless conditions are unprecedented, it’s our job to deliver.”

Michelin X MultiWay 3D tyres feature the 3PMSF (3 Peaks Mountain Snow Flake) and M +S (Mud and Snow) sidewall markings which indicate the excellent grip and traction available during winter conditions. This makes them well suited for the typical winter conditions experienced in the UK.
Tincknell Fuels has its tyres fitted and serviced by local service provider ATS Euromaster, which will also ensure all new Michelin fitments are managed in line with the manufacturer’s multi-life policy.

Brown concludes: “ATS Euromaster has been a pleasure to work with. They have always provided an excellent service, with the reassurance that we can access their nationwide roadside rapid response service 24/7 too.”

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