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ContiTech publishes new vehicle App

From searching for articles, through news to 3D graphics; the “ContiDrive” app for the ContiTech Power Transmission Group brings the whole world of belts and belt-drive components from ContiTech to the smartphone. It provides users with detailed, product-specific information and recent updates for the automotive aftermarket, in addition to clear 3D graphics, exploded assembly drawings, and animations.

ContiTech app copyThe new “ContiDrive” app from ContiTech shows tensioners and other belt-drive components as an exploded assembly drawing in 3D. The detailed pictures can be rotated and moved. Photo:

Whether using the QR code, the item number, or vehicle data, if users are searching for an article, the “ContiDrive” app provides them with numerous ways to find what they are looking for. The search runs either by directly entering an article or comparative number, or by entering vehicle data. The simplest way to access bills of materials, images, installation tips, assembly instructions, or vehicle applications is by using the app’s integrated QR code scanner. It reads the QR code on the ContiTech product packaging – and takes you directly to the desired product.

As an extension, the app offers Augmented Reality (AR) content, such as three-dimensional models of tensioners in exploded assembly drawings, or the animation of a combustion engine, which show users everything there is to know about the processes inside a combustion engine. For the first time, Augmented Reality options can be tried out in connection with the new brochure “Belts and Components. Technology – Know how – Tips.” Certain pages in the brochure contain the logo of the “ContiDrive” app – indicating that computer-assisted additional contents are available. These pages can be scanned with the app’s integrated AR scanner.