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Bridgestone launches new range of On/Off truck tyres

Bridgestone Europe is launching a new range of On/Off truck tyres with higher load capacities (EVO marked). The  advanced new line-up gives operators in the construction and mining sectors the opportunity to carry heavier loads – without compromising tyre performance, cut resistance and durability.

Bridgestone-EVO-range“By increasing the load capacity of our On/Off line-up, Bridgestone can help customers raise overall efficiency by maximizing use of their heavy vehicles, with no trade off in terms of tyre life” says Harald Van Ooteghem, Senior Manager Marketing Planning, Commercial Business Unit, Bridgestone Europe.

The new EVO line-up with higher load capacities comprises:

• M840 EVO in sizes 13R22.5 & 315/80R22.5 (All position, On/Off road)

• L355 EVO in sizes 13R22.5 & 315/80R22.5 (Drive, On/Off road)

• M748 EVO in size 385/65R22.5 (Trailer, On/Off road)

• L317 EVO in size 13R22.5 (All position, Off road)

Thanks to the new Bridgestone EVO range, compared to standard tyres operators will be able to carry an extra 0.5 tons per axle for a single fitment and 2.6 tons on a double fitment with M840 EVO, L355 EVO and L317 EVO. The increased load for M748 EVO is 1.0 tons per axle with a single fitment.

This increased load capacity has been achieved without compromising Bridgestone’s performance advantages: excellent durability, high resistance to cuts and chipping, and robust casing offering superior retreadability and extended tyre life.

The structure of the new EVO tyres has been reinforced to make it robust enough to maintain the skeleton of the tyre with minimal deformation in service, while keeping the flexibility required for demanding on/off operations. On top of a reinforced bead structure, Bridgestone technologies deployed include:

• Waved Belt™* which increases the stability and durability of the casing;

• Split Belt Package** which softens the belt package allowing more casing flexion;

• Stone Ejector* which prevents stones from penetrating the belts.

These Bridgestone On/Off features strengthen the tyre’s resistance, helping to increase the value of the tread and its retreadability. Operators can thus reduce their total cost of ownership by extending their tyre life with Bandag retreads, which deliver a similar quality, reliability and mileage performance to original Bridgestone tyres. This is Total Tyre Life, Bridgestone’s promise to help operators reduce the cost per km of their tyres over their entire lifecycle.

The new On/Off EVO tyres are also suitable for use on mud and fresh or melting snow (M+S), offering better driving performance than standard tyres. They are also marked with the alpine symbol, identifying snow tyres as defined in UN Regulation R117.02. This allows for excellent grip and braking performance all year round.

Bridgestone M840 EVO, L355 EVO and L317 EVO are available across Europe from this month and the M748 EVO from March 2015.