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Bridgestone develops tyre wear estimating technology

Bridgestone has developed a new technology for estimating tyre wear and tread depth.This innovative technology is based on the Contact Area Information Sensing (CAIS*1) concept.

As the tyre tread becomes worn, it’s ability to grip wet road surfaces may decrease, increasing the potential of low-traction occurrences. In addition, a tyre that has experienced extremely uneven or lopsided wear is at greater risk of causing a vehicle malfunction. 

The new technology utilizes sensors attached to the inside of tyres to obtain information on changes in tread condition during normal driving. By analyzing this information, the technology estimates tread wear conditions and provides the driver with real-time monitoring of tyre conditions.

By providing drivers with real-time tyre information, such as the remaining tread depth and whether tyres are experiencing uneven wear, Bridgestone’s technology will contribute to improved driving conditions by enabling users to judge the most appropriate timing for tyre replacement.

Furthermore, this technology helps to prevent uneven wear by enabling consumers better understand the optimal timing for tyre rotations, thereby allowing them use their tyres for the longest possible period without waste.

By bringing this technology to practical application, Bridgestone hopes to help customers cut costs while also delivering peace of mind.