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Autopromotec will focus on LNG truck engines

Autopromotec, the biennial exhibition of automotive equipment and aftermarket products, will feature an Industrial Vehicle Service initiative, which is devoted to heavy vehicle maintenance and repair, in Bologna, May 20 – 24.

AUTOPROMOTEC_Logo IVSThe initiative, which was first launched during Autopromotec 2011, focuses on trucks and features an exclusive guide reserved for all exhibiting companies involved with heavy truck maintenance and repair, along with a specific logo that identifies manufacturers of truck equipment, spare parts and components.

In a persistently fragile economic market that is seriously endangering the survival of many trucking companies, proper vehicle maintenance takes on an essential role (many fleet owners cannot afford to buy new vehicles), together with innovative technologies aimed at reducing operating costs.

This need is behind this edition of Industrial Vehicle Service, which, besides the latest equipment, spare parts and components for heavy vehicles provided by the most renowned industry leaders, will highlight all the innovative technologies revolving around fuel gas, now so determining in cutting operating costs and emissions, as required by regulations that are becoming more and more environmentally friendly.

With this in mind, in 2013 Autopromotec started promoting the fuel gas distribution network, from producers to distributors and users, with particular attention given to CNG (compressed natural gas) and LNG (liquefied natural gas) systems, and showcased dual-fuel, bi-fuel and ICE LNG-powered engines for commercial and heavy duty trucks.

Promotion will be the main activity for the 2015 Industrial Vehicle Service, so much so that the organizers have already announced an innovative exhibition project in Area 44, which will house the whole LNG network. This strategically located space will host gas producers, local distributors, conversion systems for existing vehicles, cylinders and components, and finally, all LNG- powered vehicles manufactured by the leading brands that are embracing the alternative fuel.

Industrial Vehicle Service, however, is more than just an exhibition area, since it also features conventions and one-on-one meetings with industry professionals, to draw attention to current issues of the trucking industry and find solutions to on-going problems.

The Autopromotec organizers, confident of the interest recorded in the previous editions and well aware of the importance of green fuel in the trucking industry, have planned meetings, round tables and practical initiatives with major sector professionals. Federmetano (the Italian Association of natural gas distributors) will be a partner of the trade show in the organisation of forums and conventions which will also involve all trucking associations and related ministries that are interested in updating regulations with a view to developing a sector that is crucial.

The European “LNG Blue Corridors” project, aimed at opening green gas filling stations along four main roads that cross the continent from south to north, already includes a filling station in Italy. More such stations are expected to open soon, because the market is now ready to turn to gas fuel to reduce costs by up to 50 per cent. Consequent upgrading of all fleet vehicles is expected to involve thousands of operators and 2 million vehicles, with a turnover exceeding one billion euros.

With its Industrial Vehicle Service initiative, Autopromotec once again anticipates future trends of the automotive maintenance and repair industry, and represents one of the most important, must-see international exhibitions of cost-effective technologies for light and heavy trucks.