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Team P R Reilly and NSL offer coolant advice

With the winter servicing season upon us, Team P R Reilly and NSL are sending a timely reminder to technicians that today’s antifreeze/coolants are becoming just as specific in their applications as engine oils.


It’s important to be aware that there are now three very distinct antifreeze/coolant technologies – namely, Silicate-based, OAT (Organic Additive Technology) and Si-OAT (Silicated OAT). These are used by vehicle manufacturers as ‘original fill’. In simple terms, the difference is in each of their unique chemical additive packages, which are added to the MEG (mono ethylene glycol) and should be mixed with deionized water that provides vital winter protection down to -36ºC.

The chemical additive packages all act in different ways to perform the same fundamental function – i.e. protect from corrosion (rust) and erosion (pitting) on all engine and cooling system components the coolant comes into contact with. Mixing any of the three with either of the others will have unpredictable and potentially damaging effects to their individual protective properties, so it’s essential to know in the first place which coolant technology is in the system, and top up or replace strictly on a like-for like basis.

However, therein lies a potential bear-trap, because without accurate application data, there’s no way of knowing – especially since coolant colour is absolutely not a reliable indicator – which technology a given manufacturer has chosen for their models.

NSL’s manufacturer-approved range of Glacier Antifreeze and Coolants cover all application requirements. For more information on which Coolant or Antifreeze to use for a specific make or model technicians can visit the North Sea Lubricants website –

For more information on NSL products and information please contact the Team P R Reilly sales team – email: or call 01 8320006.