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Scania cooperates with MAN on gearboxes

Scania is starting extensive cooperation with MAN regarding gearboxes for heavy commercial vehicles. MAN will gradually introduce Scania´s current gearbox range from 2016 and the companies will cooperate on future generations. This will mean faster delivery of improved products to customers, as well as more efficient use of production units and research and development resources.

The cooperation relates to Scania´s current gearbox range and the development of future generations. Scania gearboxes will be gradually introduced in MAN´s products starting in 2016. MAN will integrate the gearboxes in its powertrain and electronic architecture.

This is a milestone in our cooperation with MAN. By using common components which are not that brand-specific, we will strengthen our offering to customers. At the same time, we will achieve significant synergies in the longer term, says Martin Lundstedt, President and CEO of Scania.

Even though there will be some common components in the powertrain, what is of critical importance for the vehicle characteristics is the strategic software that controls the gearbox and how it performs with the other powertrain components. Therefore, each brand will develop its own strategic software, among other things.

-For our customers, vehicle uptime and fuel economy are paramount considerations and we will continue to develop brand-unique solutions that contribute to improvements in these areas, emphasises Martin Lundstedt.

The gearbox cooperation will generate significant synergies, through higher production and purchasing volume and greater resources within research and development, among other things.

Scania will be able to ensure faster delivery of new and improved products to our customers, concludes Lundstedt.