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Michelin keeps J.C. Trans out of the workshop and on the road

English-based haulier J.C. Trans (UK) has recorded an 88 per cent reduction in tyre failures per quarter, after adopting a full Michelin tyre policy for its 15-strong fleet.


Prior to this, the company risked facing a large repair bill whenever a tyre failed as a rapid deflation can cause damage to the truck and trailer, resulting in unexpected downtime and delays, which the company was keen to eradicate.

Since adopting Michelin rubber across its fleet, J.C. Trans (UK) has reduced its average tyre failure per quarter from 16 tyres to two.

Jas Singh, Director at J.C. Trans (UK), notes: “We started out with only 10 per cent of the fleet on Michelin; it’s quickly grown to 100 per cent on the back of the results we’ve seen in our own fleet.”

The new tyre policy sees all J.C. Trans (UK) tractor units fitted with X MultiWay 3D XZE multi-position tyres on the steer axle, and X MultiWay 3D XDEs on the drive axles, designed to provide traction, longevity and fuel efficiency with safety, comfort and cost-effectiveness.

ATS Euromaster in the UK is the nominated tyre service provider for J.C. Trans (UK) and takes responsibility for regrooving worn tyres when the tread reaches 3-4mm. Once the regrooved tyre has worn, it can be returned to Michelin for retreading in its Stoke-on-Trent based Remix Plant