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FAG delivers ROI with TTC

Control over maintenance costs is key for efficient and effective fleet operation, but not at the sacrifice of quality and reliability.

  Bearing ‘Repair Insert Units’ (RIU) from FAG provide the highest quality solution that allows the old hub to be re-used, avoiding the cost of a complete hub assembly.  

The RIU also provides operational efficiencies for the TTC Distributor.  Complete Hub assembles are heavy, bulky and expensive. The stock holding cost of complete hubs is high and the operational requirements with ‘pick pack and despatch’ are far more onerous on a complete hub than the compact RIU.  The nature of the RIU allows TTC distributors to offer a component solution to the Vehicle Operators whilst minimising investment cost, thus improving ROI.

TTC’s Youtube site contains some great video’s that demonstrate the ease of fitting to help the TTC Distributor customers maximise the operational effectiveness of their fleet workshops.