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Bosch showcases products and solutions at Automechanika

Bosch Automotive Aftermarket showcased its latest products and solutions for the workshop of tomorrow at Automechanika 2014. This included many innovations relating to spare parts, diagnostics and workshop equipment, service activities and workshop concepts for the automotive aftermarket. 


Bosch told assembled journalists at their press conference that to successfully meet the challenges of the future, understanding the customer is very important. Bosch said that this is where we come in: we know what our customers want and offer them the solutions they need to execute fast repairs at current market value with high-quality parts. And they added that these repairs should be carried out in modern workshops with well-qualified staff.

Bosch provides you with a wide range of advanced spare parts which covers the majority of workshop’s needs – from wiper blade up to spark plug. Here are some of the parts highlights shown to us at Automechanika by their UK & Ireland Marketing Manager, Mark Heard.

New Bosch Aerotwin Plus wipes it clean
The Bosch Aerotwin Plus wiper with a new adapter system and innovative Power Protection Plus (PPP) rubber technology. With a newly patented coating, it promises to deliver perfect wiping performance, longer service life and a gentle wiper action.

This innovative system combines 15 wiper lengths and 4 adapters. This means that each wiper more than 100 original equipment sets can be replaced with just 15 Aerotwin Plus singles, with original-equipment quality.

This allows you to service more models with fewer products, delivering increased profitability for each part number. With the new adapter system, each wiper blade suits more interfaces and thus more vehicles – including the latest models. And it reduces stocking costs.

Finally, the new Aerotwin Plus range is supported by a new catalogue as well as Bosch’s new corporate blue packaging, which is currently being implemented across all of its automotive product ranges. These will align them with the company’s new corporate design and, along with the catalogue, help the trade and consumers quickly and easily identify the right products. Bosch will also market in black packaging new premium level versions of many of their aftermarket product lines.

Bosch batteries charge ahead
As always, automotive batteries and battery testers were on display and this time it focused strongly on new S5 E with Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB) technology for start/stop and recuperation. The stand also featured the latest battery testers and charger.

DCU-220 two-in one diagnostic unit
Developed especially for workshop use, the robust DCU 220 (Diagnostic Control Unit) controls Bosch test and diagnostic systems. For example, the FSA 500 or the modules from the KTS series.

As a convertible PC, the DCU 220 combines the features of a notebook with those of a tablet PC to facilitate flexible and comfortable working, especially under workshop conditions. When used as a tablet PC, the touchscreen ensures flexible and convenient work. ln conjunction with a keyboard, the DCU 220 lends itself to being used as a notebook for any kind of office work, such as the quick and easy entry of customer data.

In addition to the aforementioned easy switch from tablet to notebook mode feature, other benefits include easy handling with arrangeable hand grip on the back of the device; a sturdy housing with 11.6″ touchscreen monitor; an integrated camera, where conspicuous features of the vehicle can be documented and the required spare parts photographed.

It can also be used for mobile work over extended periods as it is powered by two
Iithium-ion batteries. One battery is sufficient to continue operation in the workshop. lf
required, the batteries can be replaced without interruption during regular operation
( known as the hot swap function).

Bosch also premiered the new KTS 800 Truck diagnostics tester. The new KTS 440
diagnostics tester rounds out the tried and proven KTS range. The DCU 100 and DCU
220 Windows-based tablet computers also made their debut. The Bosch Esitronic Bike
workshop software was being demonstrated on a motorcycle. These can be freely
combined to form a suitable solution for any workshop.

Bosch also showed new entry level scan tools for EOBD/OBDII diagnosis. The EOBD
and CAN testers OBD 100 and OBD 150 Diagnosis testers are universally suitable for all
cars that have with an EOBD-compliant diagnostic connection. They are designed for the
Do-It-Yourself market and amateur mechanics, providing easy reading of error codes,
sensor data and vehicle data.

Advanced wheel alignment
It was previously heralded by Beissbarth as the greatest innovation and perfect solution in wheel alignment but it hadn’t been perfected. However, at Automechanika, and now branded Bosch, the new ‘Non-Contact’ Wheel Aligment FWA 9000 was being demonstrated.

The Bosch ‘Non-Contact’ gives realtime measurement of four wheels simultaneously, without any waiting time. A high-speed diagnosis is delivered giving quick values about camber, individual and total toe. This smart test saves set-up time for tyre clamps, rim targets and marks.

The accuracy is precise through laser and 3D stereo cameras with permanent live monitoring of the 4 sensor heads. And the new FWA 9000 Smart Link lift adaption measures almost any vehicle type, track width and wheelbase.

The package delivers increased turnover, with faster measuring.

To enable you in offering a professional service even for the most modern vehicles, Bosch provides you with a broad range of diagnostics. These deliver, besides manufacturer- and brand-independent diagnosis, comprehensive technical data as well as all necessary spare parts – be it for car, truck or bus.

‘Augmented Reality’ offers many advantages such as superimposing repair information onto a vehicle and it allows you visualize diagnostic data at the vehicle. It also combines conventional and augmented contents and guides technicians to relevant locations on the vehicle. And it offers a seamless integration into existing authoring and workshop processes, as well as the reuse of existing 3-D data

The benefits include an increase in quality of repair and training and you have Information displayed where and when you need it. It can also adjust to an actual situation, which reduces search time.