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TecAlliance issues Automechanika invite

As the countdown to Automechanika really begins, TecAlliance, through its TecDoc and TecRMI brands, would like to remind both factors and workshops of the many developments it has already introduced this year and to invite those attending the event to come and give these additions a try on the stand (5/6.1 A01/A10) in the hall 5/6 link way.

“Among the additions to the CATALOG electronic catalogue system,” said commercial director for UK and Ireland, Shaun Greasley, “are approximately 4,000 motorcycle references, which is an important move to add to the competitive strength of the independent aftermarket. For 20 years TecDoc has been offering an electronic parts catalogue for cars and trucks and the time is now right to extend the reach into the motorcycle sector.”

Although tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) are not a legal requirement on new vehicles until 1st November, TecRMI, the specialist repair and maintenance information arm of TecAlliance, is already expanding its technical data to include information concerning tyre pressure sensors for active and passive TPMS applications.

“While passive TPMS technology does not utilise pressure sensors in the wheels to detect the actual tyre pressure and is mostly maintenance-free, changing the tyres and the tyre pressure sensors in the wheels of vehicles fitted with active TPMS technology requires care and precision from the tyre fitter, although both active and passive TPMS types must be reactivated after work is carried out on the wheel and tyre.

“Therefore, in order to help technicians avoid any costly mistakes, the TecRMI portal now provides users with access to detailed tyre change information and on the removal and installation of tyre pressure sensors, plus the subsequent reset details, for more than 8,600 vehicles.”

Another CATALOG electronic catalogue addition is workshop equipment, which means that product data for workshop equipment, tools, workshop requirements, job safety and engineering standards, will also be available. With this addition, the product is even more useful to workshops, where decisions about purchasing the correct tools or the most suitable capital equipment, is so crucial.

On the subject of workshops, modern vehicles are incorporating evermore electronic components, which is why TecRMI now provides users with not just circuit diagrams for individual components, but also their location and test values, plus the fuses and relays in their power supply. This development eliminates the time-consuming search process within the vehicle and thus improves workshop efficiency.
“The latest TecRMI electronic package opens a new dimension for information provision and provides workshops with an extremely efficient way to access vital technical information.”

For factors, the latest product addition is the VIN Decoder, which is the culmination of much development and will among other things, give factors the benefit of an alternative search tool in the CATALOG product.

“Alongside the existing make, model, year and VRM search methods, the VIN Decoder gives factors the option of using the vehicle’s chassis number to accurately identify the vehicle in question. This level of individual vehicle identification allows the CATALOG system to pinpoint the right part, first time and is particularly useful in those instances when vehicles with a chassis number up to 234002 for example are fitted with part ‘X’ and those from 234003 are fitted with part ‘Y’.”