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RSA issues Presenter ID advice

The Road Safety Authority (RSA) is advising commercial vehicle operators and drivers that they must present identification in the form of a driving licence or passport when presenting a vehicle for the Commercial Vehicle Test.  
RSA-Presenter-ID-notice-copyFailure to produce Presenter ID can result in the Pass Statement and Certificate of Roadworthiness (“CRW”) being withheld until personal identification is produced.

Compliance levels with the obligation to produce Presenter ID are already very high with over 90 per cent of presenters producing personal identification.

The RSA will be moving towards enforcing this provision over the coming months, but, it wants to ensure that this is achieved with minimum disruption and inconvenience for customers of CVRT.

In order to avoid having to make a repeat visit to a test centre and a delay in the issuing of a CRW, vehicle presenters are advised to ensure that they can produce Presenter ID at the time of the test.

The purpose of recording Presenter ID at the test is to assist with the performance management of the test and ensure a higher quality of commercial vehicle testing.