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Osram expands its Cool Blue Intense range

To coincide with Automechanika 2014, Osram is expanding its portfolio of automotive bulbs offering extremely high colour temperatures and performance. Osram_Xenarc_Cool_Blue_Intense_D3S-copyThe “Cool Blue Intense” range with their bluish bright white light gives cars a special appearance and provides greater contrast on the road. “Halogen and xenon bulbs will continue to be widely used technologies in the automotive sector in years to come”, said Hans-Joachim Schwabe, CEO of the Specialty Lighting Business Unit at Osram. “For us as the world leader in this segment it is therefore important to keep offering customers exciting innovations as retrofits and upgrades.”

New products on show will be the H8 halogen bulb, for the BMW 3 Series CoupeĢ, and the H15 for the VW Golf VI and other vehicles. Aware of the difficulty in replacing some bulbs in compact engine bays, Osram developed the H15 bulb. Its clever design enables the user to twist and fit the bulb in one action, without clips or electrical connectors.
The Cool Blue Intense halogen range has a colour temperature of up to 4200 Kelvin, currently making it the automotive bulb with the bluest colour temperature approved for road use by the Economic Commission for Europe (ECE). The special colour and up to 20 percent more light on the road compared to conventional halogen bulbs, improve contrast perception. Drivers can therefore see other road users, road markings and obstacles more easily.
Xenon bulbs are based on the principle of high-intensity discharge. The Xenarc Cool Blue Intense bulbs from Osram offer maximum light output at up to 5500 Kelvin. This high colour temperature gives the light a balanced blue tone and illuminates the road as if in natural daylight. The characteristic colour is achieved by a special gas filling and not by a colour coating the outer bulb. This way the light output can
be increased by around 20 percent. A blue ceramic tube is used to distinguish it from Xenarc Original bulbs. The Xenarc Cool Blue Intense range is available now in D3S and D4S types in addition to the D1S and D2S types.
Cool Blue Intense bulbs from Osram, together with the Night Breaker Unlimited series, constitute the high end portfolio from Osram in the halogen and xenon ranges. While the Night Breaker Unlimited range above all provide a large amount of light on the road, the focus with the Cool Blue Intense range is on a particularly blue light, in other words light with a high colour temperature.