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Hankook unveils new truck tyre

Hankook has extended its line up of tyres for commercial vehicles with the introduction of the DM09; a smart tyre for truck drive axles.

Designed for demanding tasks in the on & off-road segment, the successor of the popular DM03 is a winner with increased safety, resilience and efficiency. Also, thanks to the M+S marking it can be utilised on and off-road all year round under hard operating conditions.


Delivering high traction even on muddy surfaces the DM09 has a tread surface that is 5 per cent wider than the previous model. The extra-wide, directional tread design enables improved displacement of mud and water while maintaining an increased ground contact area. The tyre thereby proves itself in difficult terrain thanks to its excellent cross-country mobility and also provides exceptional mileage and grip on dry and wet roads.

Thanks to a special block design with a reinforced central bar, the force effect is distributed more evenly during use, the wear characteristics are more consistent and uneven wear out is minimised. Conically designed tread blocks on the outside of the tread surface increase resistance to lateral strains and effectively help prevent damage to the tyre’s shoulder or tearing of the block edges. The tread, which is designed to be open right up to the tyre shoulder, also increases the self-cleaning properties.

The innovative Hankook mixing method IMS (Innovative Mixing System) ensures a particularly even distribution of carbon black particles and rubber molecules within the mixtures. Together with longer mixing times at lower temperatures, a significant increase of the bonding rate between the carbon black and rubber molecules can be achieved. As a result, the DM09 generates less heat during the drive, which has a positive effect on the rolling resistance and thereby on fuel consumption as well.

The Hankook SCCT technology (Stiffness Control Contour Theory) enables even distribution of tyre pressure even under severe loads. This way the deformation strain that affects the carcass is minimised. This not only positively influences the longevity of the tyre but also performance features like turning and braking characteristics as well as the retreadability of the DM09.

As a package, the design and technology features of the DM09 turn drive axle tyres into a smart work horse that can do the job right – efficiently, safely and reliably.