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Continental rolls out 3rd generation truck tyres at IAA

Continental is rolling out a new generation of tyres in the truck segment at the 65th IAA Commercial Vehicles Show in Hanover this week.

The German automotive supplier is displays its new 3rd generation steer-axle, drive wheel and trailer tyres for the goods segment. The new Conti tyres for freight transportation are optimised for maximum customer benefit to further lower fleet costs.

“With the systematic design of the new commercial vehicle tyre ranges tailored to their specific areas of application, Continental is setting new benchmarks in the premium tyre segment. We already boast one of the latest and most cost efficient product portfolios in premium tyres for the goods and people segments. The new tyres reduce fuel consumption, are optimised for retreading and keep customers’ costs manageable. All this helps increase the competitiveness of our customers,” said Constantin Batsch, Head of Truck Tires Replacement Parts EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa).


Continental’s engineers have optimised the design and rubber compound of the treads, belt construction, carcass and beading of all 3rd generation tyres. This has pushed the rolling resistance for certain tyre types, such as the Conti EcoPlus line, below four kilograms per ton, earning them a place in the energy efficiency class A in EU tyre classifications.

The three new 3rd generation tyre ranges for freight transportation are the ‘Conti Hybrid,’ ‘Conti EcoPlus,’ and ‘Conti Scandinavia’.

Conti Hybrid

Continental has reacted to the growing volume of regional distribution traffic with its new Conti Hybrid tyre range. These tyres are designed for combined use on regional roads and motorways, and are in line with the various requirements placed on heavy-duty distribution and fleet use with frequent acceleration, braking, maneuvering, and cornering on various road surfaces. Continental’s developers have redesigned the tyre treads and rubber compound. The result is excellent wet driving and braking behavior combined with low rolling resistance and high service lives.

At the IAA, Continental presented the 22.5 inch all-rounder specially designed for such uses in heavy commercial vehicles. The Conti Hybrid HS3 steering-axle tyres were also recently launched onto the market – the Conti Hybrid HD3 drive-axle tyres and the Conti Hybrid HT3 for trailer and semitrailer tyres are set for market launch in 2015.

The 19.5 inch Conti Hybrid HS3 and Conti Hybrid HD3 are suitable for the 12.0 ton and over total weight segment. Equipped with a powerful overdrive reserve, these new tyres carry both the higher weight of modern Euro 6 vehicles and varying loads, as are commonplace in regional transport. The Conti Hybrid HT3 is available in the same size and is designed specifically for use on trailers in regional transport. The tyres, which have been designed with the special properties of trailers in mind, can handle the strong rotary movements in the narrow unloading areas encountered during distribution transport. The trailer tyres are also suitable for a vehicle chassis with returnable containers or in the disposal sector, where the tyres can demonstrate their suitability for long-distance traffic.

The Conti Hybrid LS3 steer-axle tyres and the Conti Hybrid LD3 drive-axle tyres are used for light commercial vehicles with a total weight of up to 12.0 tons and a tyre diameter of 17.5 inches. The range of use includes distribution trucks, municipal services, and long distance traffic on motorways. The new premium tyres stand up to the various challenges of regional use, thanks to a number of product innovations, including the newly designed tread with the cap-base concept.

Together with the high tread volume and a rubber compound, specially-developed in-house, this ensures a long service life. The Conti Hybrid is therefore proving its credentials as a universally suitable all-rounder in the premium segment in sizes 17.5″, 19.5″, and 22.5″. The steer-axle tyres in the new Conti Hybrid range have the M+S label, while the drive-axle tyres have the M+S and the “Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake” symbol (3PMSF).

Conti EcoPlus

The new high-tech generation Conti EcoPlus tyres are primarily designed for use on motorways. The tyres are characterised by their low roll resistance, without compromising on service life. The tyres are suitable for all truck and trailer axles, with HS3 for steer axles, HD3 for drive axles and HT3 for trailer axles. The carefully coordinated concept means that the tyres boast a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 1.9 litres over 100 kilometres when compared with previous generations for an equally high mileage. Key factors in achieving this increase in fuel efficiency include new polymer rubber compounds for treads and side walls, as well as the cap-base concept and its specific tread pattern design. The costs saved by the lower fuel consumption are significantly higher than the saving made by an extended service life of the tyres. The Conti EcoPlus tyres therefore make a significant contribution to lowering vehicle running costs.

Conti Scandinavia
When the cold sets in, Continental recommends the use of special winter tyres. Continental has a carefully coordinated tyre concept for front, drive, and trailer axles specifically for winter conditions – the Conti Scandinavia range. The tyres are characterised by axle-specific requirements, such as optimal steering and lateral guidance for the front axle, maximum traction and braking force on the drive axle, and significantly more road adherence when cornering and braking the trailer. The Conti Scandinavia range significantly exceeds the legal requirements for the M+S label and the “Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake” symbol. A new portfolio of winter tyres is available for the major tyre sizes in 17.5 and 19.5 inches.

ContiRe – retreaded 3rd generation tyres
The premium offer of retreaded tyres from the ContiLifeCycle factory in Stöcken, Germany helps to preserve resources and optimise total operating costs. The modern hot-retreading processes prepare high-quality carcasses for their second lease of life on a truck. Customers can choose between hot-retreaded tyres from the ContiRe brand – now also including the first tyres from the 3rd generation – and a comprehensive range of ContiTread tread patterns for cold retreading. The enhanced goods casing with a more rigid belt package improve the durability of the new tyres, while simultaneously making them easier to retread.

The introduction of 3rd generation bus and truck tyres also demonstrate Continental’s ability to implement new ideas for customers at an increasingly fast pace. Just four years after the 2nd generation was launched, the Hanover-based tyre manufacturer started the launch of the new 3rd generation tyres, cutting the innovation cycle in half. The 3rd generation launch is the largest product launch in Continental’s commercial vehicle tyre history. Over 200 new 3rd generation products will be brought to market around the world, with more than 120 tyre ranges in the EMEA.