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TECRMI adds new search headings

TecRMI, the technical data and service information arm of TecAlliance, has introduced a new group search heading to aid users gather the information they need even more quickly and efficiently and which also provides an extra level of technical information.

TecRMI_rgbAlways looking at ways of improving the search process and the information it carries, TecRMI, under the new TecMANUALS heading, has brought together all the most used information and instructions, such as service and maintenance information, air conditioning recharging, timing belt replacement etc. Now instead of searching for separate, but related, processes the TecMANUALS option brings it all together under a single heading.

In a reflection of the changing face of the service and repair market, TecRMI has also added battery replacement, key program and even lift point information, under its new TecMANUALS search heading.

With vehicle manufacturers increasingly reliant on models fitted with Start-Stop technology to allow them to reach European Union fleet average emission targets, the aftermarket is poised to see a huge increase in battery related opportunities, particularly in the workshop.

Therefore, in addition to the complexity of the replacement process, which involves new battery technology (EFB/AGM) and ‘introducing’ the replacement battery into the vehicle’s battery management system etc., technicians also need to know where the battery is located and how long a replacement will take in order to price the work correctly.

The TecRMI battery replacement function provides them with all they need to ensure the job is carried out with the minimum delay and maximum profitability, which is vital when some vehicles even now require the removal of the passenger seat to have their battery replaced!

On a growing number of vehicles, even the humble ignition key has evolved and has now become part of the service and maintenance schedule. As a result, TecMANUALS also contains key programing and calibration information as well as battery changing instruction.

Finally, although it might initially seem obvious, the location of the official lift points for each vehicle is of paramount importance to those undertaking a repair. The last thing any workshop wants is to cause unnecessary damage to a vehicle by not using these specifically designed and strengthened areas.

For more information about TecRMI and the specific TecMANUALS additions, please contact Shaun Greasley on: +44 (0) 1829 752888 or email: