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RSA reminds trailer owners on levy waiver

The Road Safety Authority (RSA) is reminding trailers owners that the levy on the annual trailer test has been waived until 7th October 2014. Any trailers undergoing an annual test after that date will be subject to the CVR levy of €35.65 in addition to the normal test fee.

If you have not already done so and wish to avail of the levy waiver, you should have your trailer annual roadworthiness test as soon as possible on or before 7th October 2014.

This initiative was announced in March 2014 to promote and improve the roadworthiness condition of commercial vehicle trailers and encourage trailer owners and operators to bring trailers into the testing system.

Note: Any trailer tested between 8th October 2013 and 20th March 2014 which was subject to the CVR levy will benefit from the levy being waived at the next annual test of the trailer concerned provided it is tested not later than the relevant test due date.

Trailer owners must test their trailer annually. For more information on Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Reform go to: