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FAI offers new link rod design

Link rods are often one of the first steering and suspension components to show signs of wear and eventually to fail. ADE supplier FAI has always had particular expertise in this product area and is now offering a new replacement link rod design that represents an improvement on the OE component.

fai-link-2Original equipment link rods are adequate for a vehicle, but the FAI product development team has identified areas where the design can be improved to give a component better strength and a longer service life. In particular plastic cap style ball pin bearings have been improved on.

Key features of the new FAI link rod design include reduced rotational torque and improved bearing and ball pin housing design. The rotational torque efficiency has been improved by 55% which means that the ball pin will rotate more freely and consistently leading to less resistance and improved longevity.

The pull pin pull out force has been improved by 12%. This has been achieved with the introduction of a new system where-by the ball pin is clamped with a machine and pressed inserted into the bearing cup. This ensures a stronger structure which will reduce the likelihood of the ball pin being pulled out.

The new design link rods are easily identifiable by the black bearing and ball pin housing with red insert and red dust cover clips. The part numbers selected to be in the initial batch of new design products are where OE equivalents plastic cap style products are known to show particular stress.

FAI offers one of the widest selection of link roads and other steering and suspension parts, with all components meeting or exceeding OE specifications.

For more information call your ADE representative or our telesales team.