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Bluecol launches ultimate summer screen wash

Britain’s leading manufacturer of screenwashes and coolants has launched the ultimate summer windscreen and headlight cleaning fluid, Bluecol 3in1 Summer Screenwash.

Bluecol’s team of chemists in their laboratories in Bury, Lancashire, have put the same effort into helping British motorists cope with the unique conditions of the summer, as they have with their winter products. Bluecol3in1 summer screenwash contains a carefully formulated combination of advanced detergents designed to cut through dirt and compacted insects without smearing. While most summer screenwashes don’t contain alcohol, as they aren’t required not to freeze, Bluecol 3in1 summer screenwash does, as the alcohol assists the detergents to clear the screen.

Bluecol 3in1 also contains sophisticated anti-redeposition polymers, which form a coating on the glass in order to help keep the surface clean for longer. This means that, having used Bluecol 3in1 Summer Screenwash to clean your screen, the polymer coating means that the next bugs to impact the screen are considerably easier to shift. However, the product is designed not to cause any harm to modern headlight surfaces, including modern polycarbonate and plexiglass materials. It also contains bittering agents to prevent accidental ingestion by children or animals.

Bluecol 3in1 Summer Screenwash is available in concentrated and ready mixed formulations.