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Team PR Reilly introduces Bluepower

Team P R Reilly, North Sea Lubricants` Distributor for Ireland & Northern Ireland has introduced Bluepower specialty oil to its oil and lubricants programme.

NSL Blue Power 1407
North Sea Lubricants provides a comprehensive selection of European manufactured high quality lubricants for today’s developing market.

Bluepower is a high quality solution specially developed for the automotive Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) catalytic converter. Selective Catalytic Reduction uses basic chemistry to reduce NOx emissions through a process that is simple, extremely effective, very reliable and safe to use. By injecting Bluepower into the SCR catalytic converter, nearly all harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) are immediately reduced into harmless nitrogen and water vapour. Through the use of Bluepower, this catalytic conversion has an optimal effect.

Bluepower is an additive needed for new trucks with SCR-catalytic converters that have to meet the European Standards Euro IV and V. The use of Bluepower and the SCR-catalytic converter make adjustment of the engine possible, thus creating less fuel consumption.

For more information about North Sea Lubricants, please contact the Team P R Reilly sales team on 01 8320006 or email