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NRF engine gaskets daily work under pressure

NRF is known as the European leader in development and production of engine cooling, interior cooling and interior heating parts. With its R&D department in Mill the Netherlands, four production facilities in Europe and five in India, NRF quickly anticipates market developments.

Since NRF was founded in 1927, OE customers and customers in the independent aftermarket have been supplied with a broad range of truck cooling parts across European and further afield.

The company also specialises in engine gaskets for trucks, which are also developed and manufactured within the NRF group and  commissioned by OE customers.

NRF has built a long relationship with OE and aftermarket customers throughout the years.

In a recent development NRF is now introducing truck engine gaskets under its own label, adding to its engine cooling and air-conditioning programme.

In every engine, gaskets are tasked with the challenge of closing

spaces between metal surfaces, with the aim of holding cooling fluid, engine oil, compressed air or exhaust gasses in the appropriate canals.

In most cases gaskets are constructed to close one canal in the engine. The head gasket is the exception and has to deal with cooling fluid, engine oil and exhaust gasses all at the same time.

The requirements for cylinder head gaskets are more complex, since they have to resist various substances, high temperatures and high pressures. Temperatures in the combustion chamber can rise up to 2500 degrees.  A few centimeters further in the cylinder head this will end at 300 degrees. Pressure differs for petrol and diesel engines, with respectively 140 and 200 bar as maximum.

NRF engine gaskets compensate the expansion of different engine parts and the hereby generated surface pressure.

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