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Cartell reports on used vehicle market

Vehicle history check specialists, Cartell has reported on the results of an an extensive used vehicle market analysis.

The feature findings in the report are as follows:
Toyota, Ford and Volkswagen are the three most popular brands in the Irish Car Parc in 2014 when all vehicle types, private and commercial, are considered;

Ford is the most popular brand in the used vehicle market for the first 4 months of 2014. Volkswagen and Toyota are the second and third most popular brand for that period;

Used Vehicle Sales for the period are up in every county in Ireland compared to the same period last year;

The highest rises in used vehicle sales were recorded in Galway, Wicklow, Offaly, Monaghan, Cavan and Clare

Dublin recorded the highest number of used vehicle transactions for the period with 110,603;

Used Market returning to usual 3 or 4 year sales cycle.

Manufacturer share of Irish Car Parc
Cartell considered all vehicles in the Irish Car Parc to establish which are the main vehicle manufacturers by unit share in Ireland. Cartell considered all vehicle types, commercial and private, and found that Toyota holds the top position overall, with Ford and Volkswagen in second and third spot respectively. The full breakdown is here:

Manufacturer Share of the Used Market T1 2014
Next Cartell established which are the top 12 manufacturers by unit share in the used vehicle market in the Irish fleet for T1 2014. Cartell compared the T1 2014 position to T1 2013. Cartell found that Ford is the most popular manufacturer in the Used Vehicle Market in 2014 followed by Volkswagen and Toyota. All manufacturers showed an increase year-over-year as the used vehicle market records more transactions in 2014.

(Note: Used Vehicle Transactions are all those transactions which result in a vehicle sale be it dealer-to-dealer, or, dealer to private, or, private to private, and include all vehicle types and tax classes.)

County by County Analysis
Cartell looked at total number of transactions in the used vehicle market by county for T1 2014 and compared this to the comparable period for T1 2013. The results show the market has picked up across every county in Ireland.

Analysing the results, John Byrne,, says:
The market has picked up considerably in 2014 compared to the same period in 2013. Every county in Ireland has recorded more used vehicle transactions this year. In particular transactions have been strong in Galway where unit transactions have increased from 14,157 to 17,440 representing a very healthy 23 per cent growth year-over-year.”

Analysis of Used Transactions by Registration Year
Finally Cartell considered which registration years were the subject of the transactions in T1 2014 and compared the findings to the same data from T1 2013. The results show the used vehicle market shows signs of normalisation. John Byrne,, says:

β€œIn a normalised market we would expect to see an even spread of transactions across most of the registration years as motorists return to normal 3 or 4 year sales cycles. This was more in evidence in the first four months of 2014 than the same period in 2013. Combined with the significant increase in used vehicle transactions in the market year-over-year we are clearly seeing signs of a return to what we would consider a normalised used market.”

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