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UK’s Collett Transport to unveil new Scheuerle side girder deck

Abnormal loads specialists, UK-based Collett Transport is set to unveil its new Scheuerle side girder deck at jointly-organised event with the TII Group in Pfedelbach, Germany.

This Wednesday 25th June, at the Scheuerle company premises in Pfedelbach, Germany, Collett Transport will be presenting its newly acquired STB 550 side girder deck which features a 550 Tonne payload, currently unrivalled in Europe.


Flexible and hydraulically extendable, the latest version of the well-known Scheuerle STB side girder deck series has been designed with a modern operating concept along with maximum variability. Constructed with a very compact load application in compliance with Collett Transport’s request, the versatile giant is a striking example of the innovation that is integrated in all new products at Scheuerle. In particular, the ratio of payload to tare weight, as well as the versatile combination possibilities of the STB 550 stand out.

“The sophisticated design of the STB 550 allows a wide range of operating options. With this side girder deck, we have once again set  new standards in the industry”, according to Bernd Schwengsbier, Managing Director of TII Sales, the sales arm of the TII Group to which the Scheuerle, Nicolas and Kamag belong. “The ratio of payload to tare weight has been optimized and, as a result, the STB 550 is far more variable than similar products on the market.”

Scheuerle Fahrzeugfabrik and Collett Transport, the leading heavy transport company in the UK, with depots in Halifax, Goole and Grangemouth, have had a very successful business relationship over many years now. “We trust Scheuerle due to their high quality standards, the proven service concept and years of experience, and Collett & Sons are delighted to add this girder bridge to our already diverse fleet of vehicles and trailers.  This new addition will allow us to continue to improve and expand the capabilities of the transport industry and reinforce Collett Transport’s place in the market as one of the UKs leading heavy haulage companies.” said David Collett, Managing Director of Collett Transport.

Collett Transport will initially use the STB 550 for transporting 350 Tonne transformers, with the option at any time to increase to a 550  Tonne maximum configuration through the addition of a second girder set. The STB 550 has several possibilities for accommodating generators and transformers with different dimensions and loading procedures, and allows Collett to cost-effectively handle a very wide range of load cases. In combination with the longitudinal main beam, the load is positioned on the top boom by means of brackets.

Alternatively, the load can be picked up through the use of an additional set of load slings with cross beams. However, the cargo can also be coupled directly with the supporting tip without the main beams.

Furthermore, the side girder deck is capable of picking up the load without the help of a crane due to the additional support bogies. With a span ranging from 29,200 mm up to 34,200 mm, the deck provides flexible application possibilities – adapted to suit the required number of axle lines on the platform trailer combination as well as the size of the load. The loading width of the side girder deck girder can be adjusted continuously from 3,450 mm to 7,400 mm and is thus conveniently adapted to the width of the cargo. The vertical lift of the deck in the load-bearing area is 1,650 mm.

The Scheuerle STB 550 is compatible with the Scheuerle Combi series as well as the self-propelled modular vehicles (SPMT) in 2, 3 and 4-file versions.

In order to ensure that the side girder deck with its valuable load is always in view during the entire transport procedure, the deck can be retrofitted at any time with a heatable high-tech cabin for 2 persons. This optional generously-dimensioned cab is equipped with screens which allow the load itself to be monitored during the transport using cameras installed on the two longitudinal main beams. The widest part of the total combination is therefore constantly in the field of vision.

“The ground breaking design, functionality and capacity of the trailer will be of great importance and interest to the power generation and heavy engineering industries.  With this new higher level of carrying capacity, currently unrivalled in Europe, it will open the door for manufacturers of generators, transformers and steel castings to increase the size and weight of their product portfolio.”  – David Collett, Managing Director of Collett Transport.

A flexible giant with an optimal payload-to-tare weight ratio: the Scheuerle STB 550 will be officially handed over on 25th June to Scheuerle´s customer, Collett Transport, in a ceremony at the Pfedelbach plant in the presence of international guests. The side girder deck girder will be used by Collett Transport with a 350 Tonne payload which can be increased to 550 Tonne by means of a second girder set.