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TTC partners with Truckminder Worldwide

TTC, the aftermarket supplier for commercial vehicle components has partnered with Truckminder Worldwide Ltd, a UK based company that specialises in technology designed specifically to prevent catalytic converter, DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter), fuel and battery theft plus ECU (Electronic Control Unit) theft exchange.

Truckminder Worldwide aims to keep your business running, by providing an alarm system that will deter thieves from targeting vehicles. The TruckMinder system, with its patented technology, will protect your vehicles and alert you via an alarm with optional GSM that can send a message to three phones when your vehicle is under threat.
Catalytic converter or DPF theft is a real threat to businesses, causing problems such as repair and replacement cost, driver downtime, unhappy customers and a loss of business.

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Truckminder have teamed up with TTC as they felt no other company could provide greater access to a dedicated commercial vehicle network.  Filip de Kock from Truckminder added: “TTC provides us with a well-established route to market and we were impressed with its innovative approach to product development and willingness to offer advice and support. Its approach to working creates a great environment to develop long term strategic partnerships and we are looking forward to building on this in the coming months.”

Darren Miller, marketing director at TTC commented: “The threat to commercial vehicle operator margins due to material theft is very real, and increasing by the day.  A recent BBC report published in late 2013 identified that almost 25,000 thefts were reported to police forces across the UK between 2010 and the first half of 2013.  With some of the more advanced CV catalyst systems costing upwards of £20k, it makes for a very expensive repair, especially when you start to add in the downtime and disruption to day-to-day business operations.”