Tenneco introduces state of art comprehensive digital information system

Tenneco has introduced a state of art comprehensive digital information system that offers fast, easy access to the latest diagnostic, technical videos, repair and product information related to vehicle ride control and emissions control systems.

Access to the new Technician’s Advanced Digital Information System (TADIS™) is available free of charge to any vehicle workshop professional, replacement parts sales representative, technical school instructor, student, journalist or consumer.

TADIS v2.0 is available immediately in the English language via the 4T logo on the Monroe.com website, or via http://ta.tenneco-mea.info/technical.php. An expanded version of the powerful new tool, offered in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, German, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, Greek, Croatian, Bulgarian and Italian, will be launched along the second part of 2014.