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Team PR Reilly adds TRW steering and suspension

Team PR Reilly has added TRW Automotive’s steering and suspension programme, to its ever-growing production portfolio which includes TRW’s shock absorber and brake calliper programmes.

TRW Automotive Aftermarket has revealed that thanks to major innovations in its steering technology and significant advances in its remanufacturing capabilities, one in three vehicles across Europe is fitted with at least one TRW branded steering component; supporting TRW’s position as the leading Corner Module supplier.

TRW offers a wide variety of links and tie rods that are key components to TRW’s Steering and Suspension portfolio. The link and tie rod product offerings include stabilizer links; tie-rod ends and assemblies; front and rear toe links; center links; and idler and pitman arms for vehicle manufacturers’ original equipment and service needs. TRW offers designs that are vehicle packaging enablers; they provide weight savings and are key-life-capable to meet customers’ reliability requirements.

The business invests heavily in research and development and continuously looks at stronger and lighter materials. In line with this, TRW has developed a unique ball joint design which can carry approximately 15 per cent higher loads than competitive designs on the market. The part is also smaller bringing the added benefits of weight reduction and requiring less packaging.

For more information about TRW, please contact the Team P R Reilly sales team on 01 8320006 or email