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DENSO expands A/C Compressor range

DENSO has added 29 new compressor references to its advanced, OEM Air Conditioning programme.

The range update covers applications for BMW 1-series (F20) 3-series (F30), 5-series (F10), 7-series (F01), X5 (E70), Jeep Cherokee, Chrysler, Hummer H2, Mercedes M-class (W163), S-class (C215), S-class (W220), Subaru Legacy and Outback, Toyota Yaris, Auris, RAV4 and Land Cruiser. All of the new applications are OE and offer unrivalled DENSO quality to the aftermarket.


This latest range extension means that DENSO now offers 479 A/C Compressor part numbers to its aftermarket customers, covering over 2,650 applications. Types include Reciprocal type (piston) 10PA, 10S, 7SBU and SE; Rotary type (vane and scroll) TV, SV and SC; and Electrical type (hybrid vehicle) ES Compressors. All of DENSO’s A/C Compressors are new, filled with the right amount of oil and delivered as complete assemblies.

Martin Pring, manager of DENSO Aftermarket Sales UK and Ireland, said: “These new references demonstrate our continued investment in providing the widest range of A/C Compressors in the automotive aftermarket, and are designed to meet the growing demand from customers across Europe.”

Holding a 40% share of the global market for original equipment A/C Compressors, DENSO Corporation is the world leader in this sector, selected by top vehicle manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Fiat, Mercedes, Porsche, Toyota and VW; and this expertise is reflected in its Compressor ranges for the aftermarket. DENSO is also Europe’s leading provider of OE Thermal and Engine Cooling parts and systems as a whole, with its products fitted as original equipment to 25% of European cars.
DENSO Aftermarket’s A/C Compressors form just one part of its Thermal Systems ranges for aftermarket customers, with other ranges including Receiver Driers, Pressure Switches, Expansion Valves and – new for 2014 – Evaporators. The company’s Engine Cooling ranges also include Cooling Radiators, Oil Coolers, Heater Cores, Condensers, Intercoolers, Cooling Fans and Cabin Blower Fans.

Its A/C Compressors range includes electric compressor part references covering Toyota and Lexus Hybrid vehicles. Martin Pring confirmed: “The development of OE electric compressors is just one of DENSO’s many A/C innovations. An inbuilt motor allows the DENSO Electric Compressor to operate independently, providing consistent levels of air conditioning even when a car is stationery, making the cabin air more comfortable. The inclusion of electric compressors to our aftermarket ranges offers even more, superb profit opportunities for wholesalers, distributors and garages.”

The A/C Compressor lies at the heart of every car’s climate control system, and is vital to its effective operation. Driven by the engine via a belt and clutch or pulley, it compresses the low temperature, low pressure gaseous refrigerant from the evaporator, into a high temperature, high pressure gaseous refrigerant, which is then discharged to the condenser.

For optimum use DENSO Aftermarket is also currently raising awareness of the importance of using the right compressor oil in the A/C system. Martin Pring explains: “The correct compressor oil is essential, primarily to lubricate moving parts, i.e. the compressor and the expansion valve needle. It also enables heat to escape from the compressor. As with refrigerant, oil in the A/C system must retain its chemical stability. However, it is vital to choose the right oil for the job. Insufficient lubrication due to universal oil is the second most frequent reason for DENSO A/C Compressor damage and failure. Analysis of DENSO A/C Compressor warranty claims for 2012 showed that in 24% of cases, garages did not use the correct PAG-oil needed for DENSO A/C Compressors.”