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TRW steering parts fitted to one in three vehicles across europe

TRW Automotive Aftermarket has revealed that thanks to major innovations in its steering technology and significant advances in its remanufacturing capabilities, one in three vehicles across Europe is fitted with at least one TRW branded steering component; supporting TRW’s position as the leading Corner Module supplier.

“TRW has decades of expertise and millions of systems on the road. Our steering & suspension (S&S) parts offer is unparalleled and we support nearly all our global customers with both new and remanufactured parts,” explained Andrea Peelen, TRW’s Parts & Service Global Product Group Manager.
“By offering support from design conception onwards, we are able to give our customers exactly what they want, making it easier for them to sell the parts in their markets.”


The business invests heavily in research and development and continuously looks at stronger and lighter materials. In line with this, TRW has developed a unique ball joint design which can carry approximately 15 per cent higher loads than competitive designs on the market. The part is also smaller bringing the added benefits of weight reduction and requiring less packaging.

TRW’s latest videos explaining the mechanics of the Corner Module offer examine: how the business leverages skills and innovation at OE level, its unrivalled remanufacturing capability in dedicated facilities and how the innovative use of new, lighter materials combines to offer a greener, safer and more efficient drive. To access the videos, please go to:

Michael Von Linden, TRW’s International Remanufacturing Leader, explained: “At TRW, we take our responsibility towards protecting our environment very seriously, and implement ‘Green Thinking’ strategies wherever possible. In terms of energy consumption, remanufacturing uses only 20 per cent of the energy used to produce a new part.

“Through continuous development of our remanufacturing processes and methodology, over the past five years the business has saved almost 22000 tons of CO2, the equivalent of 133.750.000 kilometers driven or 900 truckloads.”

With dedicated facilities and more than 25 years of experience, TRW leads the market in Europe with a programme of more than 1300 remanufactured steering parts.

Michael added: “We are in a privileged position of having a parent company that develops and manufactures the technologies that sit behind our parts; and we use all this knowledge and experience to provide the World’s VMs and the IAM with remanufactured parts that are quite simply, ‘as new’.

“The same standards, the same performance and the same guarantee.”