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Truckminder: Security for your exhaust system

With the escalating cost of fuel protecting you fuel tank has been a must for some time now.┬áThere is another threat to your vehicle on the rise – theft of your exhaust system.

Diesel particulate filter and catalytic converters are made using precious metal which make them prime targets for thieves and very expensive to replace, not to mention the cost of all the downtime while new units are being replaced.

There are some solutions in the market that try to protect cats and DPF’s, but they’re all passive. In a quiet yard a thief can take his time knowing that, if he’s careful, he’s probably not going to be disturbed while he goes about his business of robbing you and the first you’ll know about it is in the morning when you fire up your truck and either there’s no fuel in it or there’s a big gap in the exhaust where your cat/DPF used be. Or both.

In the following videos Malcolm England from Truck and Trailer Componets introduces the Truckminder alarm system, and explains how it can let you know you’re being robbed when you’re being robbed.