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New videos added to on-line training centre.

Three new product videos have been added to the On-line Training Centre at The latest “How to” videos give a short practical demonstration of several unique painting products in action, taking users through the preparation, painting and finishing process step by step.

The latest video additions are:

How to paint glass splashbacks.
Painting glass surfaces can be difficult but this video shows how simple it is to achieve a great quality finish on glass splashbacks and other glass surfaces using special glass preparation and finishing products. Glass splashbacks are an increasingly popular feature in kitchen and bathroom design and Vinny Byrne can offer total colour flexibility in this field able to mix paint in absolutely any colour and supply in a convenient aerosol spray can.

How to Spray Paint a Car Brake Calliper
Many car enthusiasts like to have coloured brake callipers on their car and this video takes you through the step by step process to achieve a standout finish. The video shows how to clean and prepare the calliper and the best technique for painting callipers in any colour. Vinny Byrne can supply all the products required for the process including high quality calliper paints which offer great durability in any colour.

How to Spray Leather Shoes
This video demonstrates the simplicity with which leather shoes or other leather items can be re-coloured or refurbished using SEM special leather paint. This highly flexible coating allows leather and plastic surfaces to be painted with a long lasting finish that can give a new lease of life to cherished shoes, boots, bags or other items. The video shows how to prep the surface and how it can be painted in any colour using a convenient aerosol paint spray.

These videos will be of interest to both the automotive trade and the home DIY enthusiast showing how easy to use products can help tackle jobs that people often do not think are possible. They can even open up new business opportunities for painting professionals.
To see the latest videos visit the how to section at of the Vinny Byrne You Tube Channel.