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TTC quality alternative biodegradable fifth wheel grease

TTC, the leading aftermarket supplier for commercial vehicle components, is now ofering quality alternative Biodegradable Fifth Wheel Grease. This all-weather product can be used at temperatures from below -20°C to +149°C.Fifthwheel-LargeIt has exceptional resistance to the effect of heat, cold and air chill, and is excellent for use from freezing arctic environments to tropical heat conditions and high humidity.  It is highly resistant to water, weathering, oxidation and heavy loads as it contains rust, corrosion and oxidation inhibitors.

TTC quality alternative Biodegradable Fifth Wheel Grease has been developed from a product successfully used on the jacking gears of North Sea oil rigs under the harshest of environmental conditions, even under seawater. An oil rig typically weighs several thousand tons, and the jacking gears operate against toothed racks mounted on the rig legs. These legs rest on the seabed and as the gears rotate, they lift the massive weight out of the water.

Tony Gunn, product manager at TTC commented: “TTC quality alternative Biodegradable Fifth Wheel Grease is a sticky, tenacious grease that will stay in place longer, and be more economical, than standard products due to its high loading ability which is twice that of ordinary grease. It is compatible with existing lubricants and will not be squeezed out of the joint or removed when washing the vehicle.

“It has passed tests showing that it will break down harmlessly in the environment but it will not degrade in service. Any spillage that comes into contact with soil or water is proven to degrade at a rate of 20% of volume in the first month of hitting the ground. It is a metal-free formulation with polymer additives and is resistant to road salt.”