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New Spies Hecker Clear Coat 8330 for commercial vehicles

Bodyshops can achieve flexible and simple application on large surfaces with the new Spies Hecker Permafleet HS Clear Coat 8330, which combines high vertical stability with outstanding anti-graffiti properties.

SpiesHecker Permafleet
VOC-compliant Permafleet HS Clear Coat 8330 gives commercial vehicle refinishers greater flexibility in use. “New Permafleet HS Clear Coat 8330 makes commercial vehicle finishing more reliable and contributes appreciably to the vehicle’s retained value. As well as being easy to use, the innovation behind this product is a special anti-sagging additive which ensures high vertical stability along with a host of other benefits, making it suitable for coating difficult-shaped panels, such as the add-on parts of tankers.” explains Anthony Cashel, Axalta Coating Systems marketing services manager, UK and Ireland.

“Another new benefit offered by this clear coat is that it is easy to clean without leaving any residue. Even repeated cleaning with aggressive graffiti removers will leave the finish unchanged and in optimum condition. Thanks to the close relationships we have with our bodyshops, we’ve learned that bus operators, in particular, have shown great interest.” Cashel says.

To achieve graffiti protection, the mixing ratio with Permafleet VHS Hardeners is 5:3. For standard finishes, the ratio should be 3:1. By using different VHS hardeners, the clear coat, which is applied in 1.5 or two coats with 10 to 15 minutes flash-off, can be adjusted to suit objects of different sizes.

For more information on Permafleet HS Clear Coat 8330 please visit the Spies Hecker website at or speak to a local representative.