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Dayco supporting the factor and the garage

Although stating the obvious, factors need to have confidence in the quality of the components they supply to their valued garage customers because they simply don’t want to have to deal with the consequences of product failure.

Those choosing to supply Dayco however, have the assurance that the company is one of the world’s largest power transmission manufacturers and its product manufacturing processes do not vary between its original equipment (OE) and aftermarket production.

As far as garages are concerned, they too need to be confident that the products they are installing are of high quality and are up to the job. Nowhere is this more applicable than for timing belts and kits, which are one of the few product groups where an OE product is not just preferred, but also often required.

With the growth in the number of vehicles that are fitted with High Tenacity (HT) timing belts, garages are becoming increasingly familiar with the ‘white’ timing belt and although they may not initially be aware, irrespective of the marque to which they are fitted, these belts will all be Dayco.

It is Dayco that has developed the twin spiralled glass-fibre cord technology, which is wound into the core of these belts to give them their incredible tensional strength and the patented PTFE/cotton fabric coating on their teeth that reduces friction and pulley wear and gives the HT belt, its instantly recognisable appearance.

Check out the full article in the Auto Trade Journal, out next week.